Flying Roots

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Restoring the Future

The Children are our future, they are the reason why we toil everyday, to make and create a better tomorrow for them because without them, our future is nothing.


Many children were born with a golden spoon, while many were born with no spoon at all; but nevertheless, regardless of their background, color, race and differences, All children are born special.

Today, many children live in absolute poverty, in a world where there seem to be no hope; the questions are "is it their fault?", "Do we fold our hands and watch the children suffer in penury?". The answer is No!

Now it is up to you and I to put a stop to this problem. Every penny counts! Remember a Single Penny is worth a smile in a Child's face! Thank You.

Children of the Roots

It started from the root. Children were not born by chance, they were concieve, born and breed. When a child is born, a new life has begun, another curtain has been drawn... that child grows to desire another part of him/her, a life. the child concieves another life to the world; and that is how the world came to multiply into millions. Find out how to find a child's root and help that child cultivate it to grow into many branches.

Fulfill a Child's destiny

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Cultivating a Child's Branches


Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

We are the World! We are the Children! We are the world to make a better day so let's start giving!